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American Outsiders

American Outsiders

We hope that everyone is having a great Holiday & we wish you all a safe and happy new year. Here’s a quick note from us at “Heavy Market”.  



Explore Together


Initially we wanted to start a Hiking Club but after discussions we agreed that we want to do so much more than just hike as a community.   

In 2024 we invite you to join us in a series of outdoor adventures.   We don’t claim to be professionals or experts in any but like many of you we enjoy getting outside and discovering new things in which we aspire to do even more of in 24;  Hikes, walks, bike rides, runs, fishing, museum meet ups, dinners, trips, etc. All things that require us to get outside, detach from our devices and stimulate our minds, spirits & bodies. 



Grow Up, But Never Grow Old


Back to the Hike 


We decided to jump right into the New Year with a hike as our first meet up. A great way to exercise both physically & mentally & when I hike I also use it as a reason to wear all the things. Below are the details and we look forward to seeing you there.  Peace. For more information sign up here 

Jason Geter

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