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About Us

Heavy Market™ is a unique retail offering featuring hand picked brands and a curated space that redefines the normal shopping experience. We feature our premier brand Vintage Heavy, a lifestyle brand for heritage enthusiasts. In addition, we carry adjacent brands such as The Brooklyn Circus™ and a Shop-In-Shop experience by Blue In Green™. Our collection of brands include Vintage Heavy, The Brooklyn Circus, Les Tien, Kapital, Samurai, Orslow, Sugar Cane, Pure Blue Japan and Toyo Enterprises. Our offerings encompass clothing, home decor, art and most importantly, Community.

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A House Music Album for Opulent Adventures

"Required Tastes" by November Rose transports listeners back to an era of indulgent romance, style, and grand adventures. Rose's mix of jazz, cinema-inspired soundscapes, hypnotic house rhythms, and engaging storytelling sets the ideal backdrop for indulging in lavish mischief.